Why Corporate Yoga?

Make life easy – It can be tricky to get motivated to exercise before or after work; I will come to you, and so it’s hassle free fitness.Lower the number of sick days taken – Yoga is a proven immune system booster, and in general physically healthy people are less likely to be easily “run down” by common colds and flu.

Increase productivity – Happy and healthy staff with fewer physical or emotional stresses are more likely to be highly motivated and driven to achieve, and with reduced stress levels comes the ability to focus and maintain a clear and productive mind-set. Yoga can lift the energy and spirits of the team.

Targeted - Beginning with a detailed consultation, I will guide you through the various options for your class in terms of it’s pace, direction, focus and payment plans, I’ll tailor a programme which focuses on boasting energy, wellness and productivity within your team.


Developmental - My classes encourage individuals and groups to work at their own pace and level whilst developing and deepening their practice. Whether you fancy a challenging or more restorative Yoga Class, I’ll be there to guide you.

Convenient - Simply select an early morning, lunchtime or post work class (from 6am- 8pm).


Booking and Logistics - Classes are capped at 20 people, although the size of the class is usually dictated by the space you have available, such as a boardroom, canteen or meeting room. If you're not sure how many mats you can fit in the space you have in mind, drop me a line and I will arrange a time to pop in to take a look. Prices vary depending on your office location and the number of classes you'd like to book.

Yoga Mats are required for yoga you will need to provide your own mats, these can be bought through

Email: jo @ jojosephyoga .com to make an enquiry.